As a cardiologist and a dentist, we rarely see someone write a review or do a video review from our perspective. It’s always from the perspective of “a professional reviewer”. Whether it’s the guys reviewing cars for Car & Driver or the professional 20-something YouTuber talking about iPhones and technology. You rarely get the perspective of a professional. If you are a professional, we want to give you our thoughts as professionals on various items that we plan to review.

If you are a lawyer, accountant, businessman or woman, civic leader, government official, volunteer, physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, physicians assistant or any other type of professional, this website and our YouTube channel is for you!

It’s really simple. Dr. Ahmed is a dentist. Dr. Alo is a cardiologist. We’ve been blessed and have access to a lot of really nice things. We would like to offer you our very unique perspective in the format of videos and articles.

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